Industrial & Mechanical Division
Industrial & Mechanical specializes in new installation and retrofit projects, including guarding and maintenance of process and manufacturing equipment. Our personnel have an average of 15+ years’ experience in industrial maintenance services. Our services cover private, state, and federal government projects. ALL PRO Industrial is dedicated to completing projects correctly the first time, conforming to all known requirements, and providing quality services to our customers.

Preventative Maintenance

Our mechanical crews can perform PM on your equipment, whether it needs filter change-outs, oil and lube, line repairs or cleaning. Our experienced employees can keep your equipment running smooth and efficient.

Welding/Metal Fabrication

By having multiple mobile welding rigs, our crews can handle most on-site welding needs your facility may have. We can also complete your fabrication work at our fabrication shop based on your specifications and deliver to your site when complete. We can even install the work if needed.

Machine Rebuilds and Upgrades

Our skilled mechanical staff is capable of retrofitting or replacing parts on all types of machinery and equipment. We can perform component changes, hydraulic and pneumatic line changes, retrofits and upgrades on your equipment. We can provide final blasting and painting to make your machine look new again.

Material Handling and Conveyor Systems

If your facility utilizes conveyor systems for moving and handling product, our mechanical crews can provide maintenance support on a wide variety of systems. If you are adding line, shortening line, reconfiguring, upgrading or needing modifications, contact us for support.

Pneumatics and Hydraulics

ALL PRO Industrial & Mechanical Division has the capability of replacing, repairing, and fabricating most sizes of fluid and air lines. If you need new lines installed or re-routed to a new location or a new piece of equipment we will cover those needs. We can also fabricate custom lengths of hydraulic line up to 1" synthetic rubber hose.

Alignment and Leveling

Proper equipment alignment is crucial for consistent and efficient operation, elimination of vibration, and unnecessary wear. Our mechanical crews utilize laser leveling equipment and magnetic dial indicators which allows them to confirm your equipment is within its correct operational tolerances.

Equipment Anchoring and Grouting

Having your equipment properly anchored is critical, but often times goes overlooked. We can shim, level and anchor your equipment correctly. Then frame and grout for a clean and secure base for your equipment.

Industrial Piping

Our mechanical crews are skilled at many types of industrial piping installs and repairs. If you are in need of new air, water, fuel, or other supply lines, our crews are the correct choice to make when looking for a contractor who will do the job correctly.

Light Fabrication

ALL PRO Industrial & Mechanical Division utilizes an assortment of shop equipment. This allows us to fabricate a large variety of fabricated items. Please see our list of shop equipment and recent fab jobs for an idea of the type of work we are capable of. Call us to discuss your next project.

Demolition Services

Although our experienced crews specialize in new equipment installs and upgrades, we realize that sometimes you just need to eliminate unnecessary equipment to free up floor space or prepare for new layouts. Our mechanical crews can handle most of your demolition needs, including process and industrial equipment, structural, warehouse, and internal office spaces.

Mobile Welding Rigs

Whether it is MIG, TIG, or Stick welding you need, our large variety of portable welders are always available to our crews for onsite work at your facility. We stock a large assortment of filler metal to cover your welding needs. Our welding crews are capable of welding a large variety of materials from stainless steel to carbon steel and aluminum. We also offer torch and flame cutting.

We have a variety of skilled craftsmen on staff to help you with your needs. They include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Pipe Fitters
  • Pipe Welders
  • Licensed Electricians
  • Precision Millwrights
  • Experienced Project Managers
  • Knowledgeable Foremen

Our fabrication shop has a multitude of equipment to help us complete our customers’ projects in a timely fashion.

  • Scotchman Metal Worker
  • Cincinnati Mechanical Shear
  • Skat Blast Cabinet
  • Anjo Drill Press
  • Model 4 JD Squared Pipe Bender
  • Hydraulic Line Crimping Machine
  • Chicago Brake Press
  • Assorted Welding, Painting, & Assembly Equipment
  • Heavy Rigging & Lifting Equipment
  • Heavy Duty 40,000lb Skates
  • 5,000lb to 25,000lb Fork Trucks
  • Welding Shields/Blankets
  • Scissor Lifts/Boom Lifts

The following is a listing of recent fabrication projects.

  • Transformer & Equipment Stands
  • Hoppers & Transition Chutes
  • Piping Spools
  • Equipment Carts & Racks
  • Mezzanines & Platforms
  • Handrails
  • Cover Plates & Trim Pieces