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Management of ALL PRO Electrical Technology, Inc. has combined experience in the electrical field of over 40 years.


ALL PRO Electrical Technology was incorporated in 2001. We have grown from a small three man electrical contracting shop to over 140 employees who are diversified over our four operating divisions.

Our success has been a direct result of our knowledgeable, experienced employees and our unsurpassed customer service.

ALL PRO Electrical Technology, Inc. is a diverse electrical contractor which provides services ranging from low voltage CAT 6 and Fiber Optic installations to 12470 volt medium voltage installation. We perform commercial and industrial electrical installations in Missouri. A conveyor operations group performs electrical conveyor installations throughout the Midwest, Florida, and Georgia. ALL PRO also maintains electrical contractor licensing in 26 states.

ALL PRO has always believed in cross training employees in the many facets of the electrical industry in order to keep them busy throughout the year. By cross training our employees, we have been able to avoid layoffs in slow or minor economic down turns.

In 2009, we created the Excavation & Directional Boring Division. We originally subcontracted out this function for many years and were constantly shuffling our schedules in order to accommodate the timeline of the project. Today, we handle all of our own excavation and directional boring needs while subcontracting and performing this function for numerous other companies.

In 2011, we began supporting the wiring of railway signaling houses which led to the inception of our own controls engineering department in 2013. These departments work closely together, so they were combined and called ALL PRO Controls & Manufacturing Division. Since inception, we have engineered and manufactured motor and control systems and HMI operator stations for our electrical division and our customers. We also provide, engineer, and program control system builds and turnkey installed systems to a variety of industries. Also, through this division we manufacture numerous electrical control panels, control consoles and signaling house, control wire harness, and other control systems. Finally, we have the ability to build UL compliant cabinets in order to meet the requirements of our customers.

In 2012, we established ALL PRO Industrial and Mechanical at the request of many of our area manufacturing clients. By providing a turnkey mechanical and electrical solution, we are able to reduce paperwork, coordination, and ultimately cost on clients’ projects. We have assembled a team of key mechanical personnel to provide quality project management, field installation, and metal fabrication. Our millwrights have the capability, safety equipment, and moving equipment to handle heavy equipment moves in manufacturing facilities. We also have the welding, shearing, and braking capabilities to fabricate all types of metal components, including mild steel, aluminum, and stainless steels. We can blast and refurbish most machines including pneumatics, hydraulics, electrical, and painting.

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